Curious Cases: True Crime for Kids

Curious Cases: True Crime for Kids

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Introduce middle-grade readers to the intriguing and exciting history of true crime, including capers, stories, unsolved crimes, daring escapes, famous art heists, and much more, in this first-ever true crime book specifically for kids.

True crime is a genre that captures readers of all ages, but oftentimes the stories are too intense—even for kids who love spooky books and movies. Curious Cases: True Crime for Kids presents a slew of fascinating stories that are all age-appropriate, including:

  • The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft
  • The cold case of D. B. Cooper
  • The disappearance of Masterpiece the poodle
  • Two brothers’ cunning escape from Alcatraz
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Fairy Photographs
  • Real-life Ghostbusters
  • And much more!

Plus, kids will love the breakdowns of some of the most iconic pop culture detectives and mystery writers like Agatha Christie. The book even includes some fun forensic science activities that kids can do at home to help them better understand how evidence is found and how mysteries can be solved.