Classroom-Ready Resources for Student-Centered Learning

Classroom-Ready Resources for Student-Centered Learning

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Customize lesson plans, boost student engagement, and give elementary school kids a thirst for knowledge with this classroom-ready and teacher-friendly guide to student-centered learning.

Student-centered learning, or the concept of giving students a more active role in their own learning, is taking the education world by storm. This resource book is filled with student-centered learning classroom activities to help you teach any subject in a fun and engaging way. Educators will learn to expand upon basic worksheets and lectures and shift the focus from teacher to student with small group discussions, experiments, case studies, presentations, and other interactive lessons. Inside you’ll find:

  • An explanation of student-centered learning and its many benefits
  • How best to engage and encourage elementary-aged students
  • A variety of student-centered learning activities ready to be implemented in the classroom
  • And much more!


Whether searching for a way to make science class spectacular or reading time remarkable, Classroom-Ready Resources for Student-Centered Learning has everything you need to elevate your students’ learning quickly and easily!